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Thursday, November 1, 2012

ke ber salahan. :3


dalam masa tersepit nak study ni, aku kegedikan nak tulis blog jugak. haha.
hari ini dah masuk 1 haribulan November dah. hmm..

actually, dalam draft aku ni, dah ada satu post pasal anniversary. tu aku tulis sebelum anniversary lagi. then, time anniversary, aku holiday~ duduk kat rumah. so tak boleh la nak publish @ tambah lagi.
"kenapa tak buat lepas balik tu?"
errrrrrr... hmmm..

lately... to much to argue. aku kan kureng matang. bajet je macam matang. haha. :P
hmmm.. i am too harsh for him..
and i felt very guilty.
aku dah tulis dah memang vogue gila. (kahkahkah)
aku tulis macam-macam tu sebelum gaduh dunia ke berapa tah antara aku dengan dia. :3
semua yang aku tulis tu too sincere from the bottom of my heart. however it seems different a bit.
not sure what kind of different. but still have something was not like before. something small. maybe the way we already through have made some changes of my thought about him. he still good. a very very good man. loyal to his Creator and parent... and maybe for me too. insyaAllah. i am currently have no point on saying that my love is forever. things can change. and also the love too. Allah had said that love can be more or less. it grows or lessen everyday. so, after marriage, one should always shower the love to the partner to make sure the love still alive even you are already hims.
but one thing i don't really sure, is love will gone?
hmmm.. talking based on my past.. duration to make sure that love already and really really gone is much way too long. sincerely, it is hard. but maybe it is only for me. isn't it? :3

back to the story lah wei! merepek apa nih. haha.
i am saying that i am sorry.. and someday, i will make it to post "that"

and wish me luck for my examination. i will be going. :D


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